The Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) will be conferred every four years at the ACTS Conferences, and the Young Scientist Awards (YSA) may be presented once a year or two at appropriate topical seminars sponsored by the Union.

Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering Awards

The Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering (AUTSE) Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded to one (or two) scientists every four years for their life-time achievements in the field of thermal sciences and thermal engineering. The AUTSE Young Scientist Award is awarded to two scientists who are younger than thirty five years old at the time of the Award presentation and who are active in the field of thermal sciences and thermal engineering.
The first Outstanding Achievement Award and Young Scientist Award will be presented at the 1st Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences to be held in Jeju, Korea March 26 – 30, 2017.
Nominations are proposed by the AUTSE Awards Committee appointed by the Executive Board. Nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award are based on their life-time achievements and impacts in the field of thermal sciences and thermal engineering. Nominations for the Young Scientist Award are based on their current research achievements and scientific level of the PhD Thesis, the originality and generality of the work, the suitability and novelty of their modelling and/or experimental method, and the importance of their results for thermal sciences. Candidates will be recommended by their national Thermal Science Associations with up to two candidates nominated from each member country of AUTSE. The Awards are presented to honor the contributions of well-established thermal scientists in Asia and to encourage outstanding young scientists in their thermal science research work so that excellent young scientists are quickly recognized in the scientific community.
1. The candidates:
Outstanding Achievement Award candidates should be working in the field of thermal sciences and thermal engineering, should have outstanding contributions that advance the thermal science field or industrial applications, and should be contributing to technical exchanges in the heat transfer community. Each country is allowed to nominate one candidate each time the Award is presented.
Young Scientist Award candidates must have obtained their Ph.D. within one of the AUTSE countries in the thermal sciences and heat transfer fields. They should be younger than 35 years old at the date of the prize. Each Asian country is allowed to nominate a maximum of two candidates each time the Award is presented.

2. Nomination process:
The national representatives of the AUTSE Committee will organize a national committee in conjunction with their national professional bodies (if they exist) composed of several senior scientists working in various areas of the thermal sciences and heat transfer fields. This committee disseminates information about the prize and selects the national nominee(s). Nominations should be sent to their respective national committees. Information on the national committees for the awards is available from the AUTSE Secretary General. The deadline for nominations for the first award is due December 31, 2016.
3. Submission of documents:
Each nomination should contain:

  • Representative papers published in English in international journals or in conference proceedings with reviews of the contributions made by these papers that illustrate the nominee’s main research contributions. All these papers must be authored by the candidate with the main contribution to this research coming from the candidate.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Full list of publications

Young Scientist Award nominations should also include the candidate’s Ph.D. thesis that has been defended within the last five years before the date of the award. If not in English, the thesis should have an English summary of at least five pages. Young Scientist Award nominations can also include assessments of the thesis if available and a list of awards received by the candidate such as cum laude.

4. Prize Committee:
The final prize committee will be formed once every four years in the Executive Board meeting to select the award recipients. The final awardees recommended by the prize committee will then be approved by the Executive Board committee of AUTSE.

5. The assessment criteria:
The following criteria will be taken into account for the assessment:

  • Scientific level
  • Originality and generality of the work
  • Importance of the results for thermal sciences and heat transfer
  • Novelty of the modelling and/or of the experimental methods for thermal sciences and heat transfer
  • Contribution to the heat transfer community and industry (for Outstanding Achievement Award)