Aug. 3-11, 2015 Propose of AUTSE Establishment [initiated by Profs. Y. Takata (Japan),
X. Zhang (China), S. J. Kim and S. Y. Lee (Korea)]
Sep. 8, 2015 Nomination and Approval of Executive Board (EB) Members Completed
Sep. 9, 2015 Call for the 1st EB Meeting
Oct. 7, 2015 Nomination [by HTSJ, HMTSC, KSME-TED] and Final Approval [by EB] of
Honorary Advisory Board (HAB) and Science Council (SC) Members
Nov. 12, 2015 1st EB Meeting held during Nov. 11-13, Jeju, Korea
(Official Date of Establishment of AUTSE)
Mar. 26-30, 2017 1st ACTS in Jeju, Korea
Mar. 27, 2017 3rd EB meeting during the 1st ACTS and inauguration of 2nd President Prof. Sungjin Kim
Aug. 2017 India joins as a member country
Feb. 2018 Prof. Gautam Biswas at IIT Guwahati joins the Executive Board
Nov. 2018 Chinese Taipei joins as a member
Nov. 2018 Prof. Yu-Bin Chen at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) joins the Executive Board
Jan. 2019 Australia (Australian Fluid and Thermal Engineering; AFTES) joins as a member country
Feb. 2019 Prof. Chengwang Lei at The University of Sydney joins the Executive Board

HTSJ : Heat Transfer Society of Japan
HMTSC : Heat and Mass Transfer Society of China
KSME-TED : Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers – Thermal Engineering Division