Xing Zhang's Inaugural Address

2022-10-08 11:40
I am honored to be elected as the fourth president of the Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering (AUTSE). First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and respect to the previous AUTSE president, Professor Yasuyuki Takata of Kyushu University in Japan. Under his leadership, AUTSE has overcome the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years and has made remarkable progress hosting high-quality international academic conferences, promoting academic exchanges and cooperation, and cultivating outstanding young academic talent. At the same time, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and respect to the first and second presidents, Professor Sang Yong Lee and Professor Sung Jin Kim of KAIST in South Korea. Under their strong leadership, thermal science and engineering researchers in Asia have created their own organization with an effective communication platform. The first Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences (ACTS) held in Jeju Island, South Korea, was an outstanding success. Since the establishment of AUTSE in November 2015, the joint efforts of all AUTSE colleagues has made AUTSE very influential in the international heat transfer community. As the new AUTSE president, I would like to talk about my ideas for further developing the thermal science discipline, for international exchanges and cooperation, and for cultivation of young talent.
The whole world is seeking to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible, which has brought new challenges to the traditional thermal science and engineering disciplines. The desire to create a future low-carbon society has led to great progress in many emerging research directions such as renewable energy systems and energy storage, thermal management in the digital information industry, and thermal management and protection in extreme conditions. In addition, we have seen many interdisciplinary studies relating thermal sciences and other disciplines, such as medicine, electronics, and materials science, which has spawned many new technologies and methods. These developments are providing new research ideas that promote economic development and serve society’s needs while attract more and more scholars into the thermal science and engineering field.
In the past three years, COVID-19 has profoundly changed our traditional international communication methods by separating colleagues from different countries and regions. During this special period, high-quality international conferences and academic exchanges have been particularly important and precious. We plan to initiate online conferences, video meetings, live cloud-based broadcasts and other methods to ensure smooth and successful international conferences. As local pandemic policies permit, we will actively promote on-site international conferences and forums to further enhance academic exchanges and communication between Asian researchers in thermal science and engineering to closely connect all of us in Asia.
Young scholars are the future of the thermal science and engineering discipline. The new AUTSE Executive Board is determined to discover and cultivate aspiring young academic researchers, to build better platforms for the younger generation to develop and to provide them with more opportunities. Young scholars can then grow up faster and better, and be encouraged to shoulder more responsibility.
Finally, I would like to thank the members of AUTSE for your trust and support. Together with the new members of the Executive Board, I will carry forward the excellent tradition of AUTSE and bring Asian thermal science and engineering research to a higher level. Thank you very much!